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We live in Digitally world
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We live in a digitally dominating world. Technology is shaping our culture like never before. Yet over and over again…
We live in a Digitally dominating world We live in a digitally dominating world. Technology is shaping our culture like never before. Yet over and over again we hear the same question: “how does it affect my business, school, home, laundry, profession, church, laundry, career, education, children? How can I leverage on this opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and keep up with trends? At iBridgeHUB, We exist to bridge the technological gap and divide. Our vision is to help solve unsolved problems, innovatively by bridging technology for the benefit of the public. The way we accomplish this is in four steps: • Identifying existing relevant innovation that can be applied to our environment, culture and businesses; • Presentation of these innovations to relevant corporate organizations and entrepreneurs across businesses and careers • Identifying new areas of need. • Collaboration and development of these new innovations innovating solutions to address these needs as it relates to our society and corporate organizations. As the country begins to face tremendous times where corruption, recession, poverty are almost ravaging every sector of the economy, iBridge Hub believes as this statement implies: “In the midst of devastation, there is an opportunity for innovation” that this period offers a good opportunity to make more sustainable impact in the community. Technology has impacted every aspect of our lives today, and education is no exception. Technology has changed education in so many ways. First, technology has expanded the access to education and there are huge amounts of information (books, images, videos, audio) that are available through the Internet and that will enable you to empower yourself with knowledge. In addition, online courses are on the rise and most of them are free. Modern technology has made it simple for students to learn from any place in the world through online education. Also, nowadays students use modern technology in classrooms in order to learn better. For example, students can use iPads to share visual lessons, presentations, and examples with their peers. This has made learning much more convenient and more fun, but most importantly – more effective. iBridge Hub is putting real problems that the city, local communities, businesses, professions are experiencing on the table and inviting the tech community to show how these problems can be solved. Download our Brochure


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