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Repair & Reuse by Venkatraman Venkitachalam


Repair & Reuse – Venkatraman Venkitachalam

Why throw things away when we can repair & reuse.

Repair Café in Bengaluru is rejuvenating the dying skill of repairing things we would normally discard.

This ensures that less stuff ends up in garbage dumps and landfills and people reuse objects instead on spending money on buying new ones.

You can carry electrical kitchen equipment, old cameras, small household furniture items, jewellery, or clothes and get them repaired at Repair Café.

The Repair Café is the brain child of Martine Postma who started the first Repair Café in The Netherlands in 2007.

Today, there are over a thousand Repair Cafés across the world.

Those who are interested to start Repair Café in your city, more information can be found on


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