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Co-creating human-centered design solutions to real world problems in our community and we help grow new technology and tools that solve them. Our focus is on co-creating human centered design solutions to address the digital divide. Although there is no set definition for the term “digital divide”, there is a commonality that states that the divide is based on those who can reap the benefits from using technology versus those who will not. We co-create local solutions that suit our local individuals, companies, and local organizations. We already have existing platforms that are solving some local problems. They are Digiworka and Craftsman. One Economy Corporation focuses on the benefits of the computer technology and information. Instead of basing their work solely on putting computer technology into the hands of those who don’t have it, they focus on how people can get the most from that technology to propel themselves economically, making computer innovation the medium to alleviate poverty.

Our Approach

The approaches at the labs are in the following forms:

Take advantage of the tech people are already using or, to put it another way, innovate with the tools that are out there, we do not invent something new just for the sake of it.

Idea vs Issue: ‘I have an idea for an app – I wonder what it could be used for ?ʼ vs ‘I see an issue – can I design something to solve it?ʼ

Develop technology involving a new set of end users and a wider range of audience. In other words, we bring technology to the masses

(Attribution: Building bridges between tech and development at Sahara Sparks-June 6, 2016 Gregory Omondi)

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