About iBridge

We live in a digitally dominating world. Technology is shaping our culture like never before.
iBridge Hub Innovative Ideas

They are innovative, thought provoking and engaging events leveraging technology and innovation. We come together, discuss, learn and ignite each other and our ideas.


We hold regular events (once every month) which are a gathering for creative people to work on our ideasBridge projects (or a project of their interest). Its purpose is to discover and exhibit innovative projects solving bridging technology gap in specific communities such as the legal profession, medical profession, businesses, engineering, government, administrative profession. Our targets are categories of people from government, medicine, legal fields and restaurants

Conversation Nights

Takes place once every month at the hub.  It is a conversation night that brings people from the same profession experiencing real problems with those that can help bring innovative and technological solutions together. Often highlighted with a speaker or panel, the second half of the night is marked by a social evening where people can eat, drink and play some games.

Ideas Bridge

Think TED Talks. The best way to avoid one-way thinking is to hear from others who are moving outside the box to bridge technology. Innovation Talks is a large event with the purpose to expose the broader community (organizations, government and officials to innovative ideas on how we can move the community forward locally and globally. We do this in partnership with ideasbridge.net. Once in three months. We are doing ideasBridge in partnership with www.ideasbridge.net


Hackathons are software programs or projects which seek to create a virtual environment where society’s problems and solutions are simulated and incubated for future development. It is a conference for geeks where passion meets action. Hackathons are an exciting short-term community environment where we tackle challenges with local technology to move our community forward. It is an event for developers, designers, entrepreneurs who are passionate about making sustainable impact with what they are already doing.


Individual Partners – We partner with individuals who have got great initiatives and are looking out to hosting events where the progress of our local communities can be discussed. We also partner with individuals. To be a partner with us on iBridge hub Innovative Events,

Corporate Partners – at iBridge Hub events we partner with corporate organizations, companies and/or businesses whose visions align with ours and who would like to stage their events in Ibadan. For corporate partnership with iBridge Hub Innovative Events,

Currently, iBridge hub is in partnership with Nustreams Conference and Culture centre for all her events. Nustreams gives the hub ready access to facilities that accommodate any type of event. This also gives her potential and actual partners the opportunity to get venues for their events at an economical cost. Facilities such as halls of varying capacities, sound systems, projectors and screens, play stations for relaxation and food, snacks and drinks are available to partners.


Individual Sponsors – individuals who are willing to support events aimed at brainstorming and implementing and exhibiting the various ways in which we can use tech local solutions to solve local problems, are various ways that bridge the technology.

Corporate Sponsors – we appreciate donations from corporate organizations that are willing to support events that are aimed at creating an ecosystem that fosters great initiatives in the community.