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Our mission is to transform lives, businesses and organizations through digital literacy. Digital literacy is the set of competencies required for full participation in a knowledge society. It includes knowledge, skills, and behaviors involving the effective use of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs for purposes of communication, expression, collaboration and advocacy.

Essential information on government, public services and law are increasingly moving online and data shows that worldwide 4.4 billion people have never been online out of the over 7 billion people in the world. Africa has only 9.3% users out of the 90.7% world internet users – a data that shows that there is a lot more to do to make people take advantage of the internet. Digital Literacy @ iBridgeHub is created to help people to maximize technology with the set of competencies required for full participation in a knowledge society. “It includes knowledge, skills, and behaviors involving the effective use of digital devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs for purposes of communication, expression, collaboration and advocacy.”

Many fine organizations are working to spread Internet connectivity to the underserved, but access to technology is only a partial solution. As Community Technology Network founder Kami Griffiths says, “That’s like giving a car to someone who doesn’t know how to drive.” Fortunately, iBridgeHub is working hard to bridge the digital gap. iBridgeHub is working hard to close the digital divide through education and outreach. We are training people who have never used computers before how to use it; old generations who are struggling with to catch up in the digital age. We also have “Icode digital literacy for kids and teens” which enables us to extend our digital training to kid, teens and schools.

We also have STEM @ iBridgeHub which is designed to equip kids, parents, teachers with 21st century skills. More on this is at iCode and Stem At the hub, in dozens of community centers, libraries, and affordable housing developments, iBridgeHub seeks to empower thousands of people in need every year.

Tech Training Solutions

iBridgeHub provides an on-site team to operate computers, smart phones, Ipad, Iphones and teach digital literacy skills to individuals in businesses, organizations, the workplace and the general public. Without education and support staff, a computer center is little more than a room full of computers. When you contact us, your computer center’s capacity for good increases in two key ways.  First, existing staff gains new skills in technology and teaching. Second, the addition of our staff in your computer center facilitates extended hours of operation, higher usage of the center, and increased service to community members.

Digital Literacy Corps

iBridgeHub has got a team of tech-savvy volunteers that brings digital literacy to the local community. Does your company employ tech-savvy individuals who want to share their skills with others and give back to the community? As more information and essential services migrate online, many Ibadan residents lack the technology or knowledge needed to gain access. iBridgeHub connects tech-savvy volunteers with individuals in need of training in their businesses, workplaces or organization and we provide the resources needed for effective digital literacy training. Digital Literacy Corps volunteers are placed in a community partner location based on their interests, schedules, and availability. Are you passionate about digital literacy? Do you want to help community members in need? Join the Digital Literacy Corps!

SF Connected

iBridgeHub provides technology training across centers and low-income housing facilities in Ibadan. We place trainers and volunteers in local community to provide free instruction. Our training sessions help small centers and people with disabilities find information, stay connected, and access resources online. This training includes basic computer and smart phones skills, online communication, and Internet safety.

Who We Serve

Old people, Government, Government Agencies, Local Government, Schools – teachers, principals, SMEs – New businesses, First time Buyers, Entrepreneurs/Employers, Market Women, Women organizations, Civil Servants, Pressure groups and many more. We also have services for Ibadan low-income youth, families, and mature residents who are vulnerable, disenfranchised, and underserved. Currently, residents of low-income housing developments have limited access to training in the skills and knowledge they need to get out of poverty. Did you know that many low-income families are unable to access vital services because they lack Internet access? A CETF 2015 survey reports that 48 percent of people without a high school diploma lack home broadband access. Among the reasons for not having Internet service at home, 36 percent of responders said it was too difficult to set up or learn how to use. Here at iBridge hub we meet people where they live, then we train community members to serve as technology advocates and mentors. Are you willing to learn and looking for the right tutor? Fill our form here and we will assign you a tutor.


At iBridgeHub volunteer opportunities are available today for trainers, tutors, assistant instructors, technician, translators, and anyone with a passion for digital literacy. Help transform lives by volunteering to teach digital literacy to the Ibadan citizenry and low-income residents in need. The need for technology innovation and training is increasing and volunteers are an absolute necessity in closing the technology divide. Volunteers will enable us to serve exponentially more people throughout Ibadan and her environment.


Training a community and building solutions for their challenges is not a one man job. It is an effort of collaboration. We look out for partners who can contribute towards digital literacy in terms of providing the key context that shapes our training. We appreciate partners who can facilitate digital training outside iBridge Hub with their own facilities such as computers centres, cybercafés, housing developments, libraries, and social service agencies. Our partners are in these categories. As a project partners contact us to provide on-site digital literacy training. Interested in becoming a partner? Do you lack the resources to provide in-house educational programming to potential users of your computer center? We offer customized, low-cost, sustainable computer center training services to strengthen the educational impact of your computer center.


With the valued support of members of local and regional business communities, iBridgeHub remains poised at the forefront of bridging the technology gap in Ibadan and her environs. As we look forward to regional expansion and the integration of our resources in communities beyond Ibadan, we also invite the support of any individual or organization that recognizes alignment between our vision and their own. We welcome contributions of time, resources, information, financing, and services from corporate organizations as well as individuals and are always happy to discuss possibilities with our supporters. You can sponsor a group of people, your employees, your old folks, low income children and youth and/or individuals to mention a few to Digital Literacy @ iBridge Hub.

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